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Is There Any Reason to Not Be Using GNU/Linux?

posted on 2015-02-05 by Spencer Bravo

If you know me or have read any of my posts you probably are aware that I am very pro-GNU/Linux. It is my operating system of choice, but I'm not an obsessed controlling tech person who is trying to convert everyone out there to my OS. I do think it improves efficiency and that the majority of people who don't run GNU/Linux could benefit from it but I do see some of the reasons that people may choose not to run it.

In this post I will express the three main reasons that another operating system may be better for someone than GNU/Linux. Lets jump right into it.

  1. Your job requires you to use a different OS; A lot of jobs supply their employees with work computers of laptops to use as long as they continue to work for their company. Modifying these computers is usually frowned upon and can most likely have them revoked or get you in a bad position. So you either just work with the computer given to you or you use your own. But if you do some work at home you will most likely want the same OS as your work computer so you can have almost guaranteed compatibility. Most likely these computers run windows and for example .docx files don't always play nicely with GNU/Linux(but I recently discovered you can edit .docx files in GDrive), (which in my opinion is the best thing since sliced bread). I hope that online word processors will soon take over and finally nail compatibility issues.
  2. You depend on proprietary software that isn't developed for GNU/Linux; I am borderline anti-proprietary software, but I understand that some people swear by it or need a specific feature that they can't find in free software offered for GNU/Linux(very very unlikely, but lets entertain the scenario). As I said, it's unlikely, but there's a chance there is such software that people would stand by their OS for.
  3. You're a gamer; Not many games are developed for GNU/Linux, most likely because there aren't that many gamers on GNU/Linux because not that many companies develop games for it. Kind of a paradox, don't you think? But either way, there are hardly any gamers on GNU/Linux because the majority of the latest/best games are only developed for Windows. Lately there have been more games being developed for GNU/Linux, but not to the extent that a hardcore gamer is going to sacrifice the rest of the games they play to play a few on a different OS.

I understand that some people just prefer a different OS and they are entitled to their opinion. But in my opinion and based off my experience, I have found that these are the most(only) logical reasons I have found for not switching to GNU/Linux.