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Noteworthy Kickstarter Tech Innovations

posted on 2015-02-17 by Spencer Bravo

I was sick today so I had to stay home from school and after watching two of my favorite movies, Die Hard 4.0 and Ocean's 11, I decided to check out kickstarter. I enjoy looking at the various projects but I don't often have time to really sit down and look into the details and discover the many different innovations that people are coming up with. I found many projects that were really cool and that I think could go far, but these are the top three I really liked.

  • Modular Audio: Although this project is currently postponed, I still love the idea. The idea, as described by the creator, is to "provide an alternative to the heavy, cumbersome and expensive Amplifier/Speaker units that most live performing musicians must lug around from venue to venue, to rehearsal studios, to recording studios, etc." The way that these speakers would work is that you can combine as many as you want to build upon what you already have. Also by connecting them on the tracks built in to them it would eliminate cables connecting them because of the connectors on the tracks.

  • Sleev: Such a simple idea, but it's also a great one. All it does is protect your wires. I know between my brother and I, we've gone through at least a dozen or so cables just from the ends getting worn out, but this solves that problem. By extending the life if your cables is being both eco-friendly and economical!

  • Whisper Audio Headphone Practice Amp for Guitar and Bass: The idea of this is to provide a simple, good quality converter from your guitar or bass to your headphones for practicing. Many amps provide a headphone jack or an output 1/4" which you can use a converter for to listen with your standard headphones, though if you are just going to use your headphones then there is no point in the amp! This product solves that by being just what's necessary for practicing with headphones.

That's my list of intriguing projects I discovered on kickstarter. Maybe I should be sick more often so I can have more time discover all the cool inventions that people are coming up with!