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This is a "portfolio" of projects I've worked on/continue to work on. This page also includes some concept projects I've thought of.

Tech And Code

Tech and Code is a group that a good friend, Ed van Bruggen, and I formed. It was officially created on December 19th, 2013. Since then Tech And Code has taken in three more members. Together, the five of us make up the Tech And Code Team and we post about technology. You can view posts from the Tech And Code Team at TechAndCode.com

Code Shrub

One of Spencer 
	Bravo's many projects. Started by him and a close linux and opensource supporting 
	friend. Meant to post small bits of code for anyone!

Code Shrub is another project created with Ed van Bruggen. It was officially created on September 6th, 2014. It's purpose is to provide small bits of useful and usually random code for everyone! It's all Open source so anyone is free to use it how they wish! You can view Code Shrub at CodeShrub.com

Sound Assure

One of Spencer 
	Bravo's many projects. The idea of matching songs with their appropriate age groups.

A project still currently in the development stage. It's the concept of pairing age groups with appropriate songs for them. You can view the development for Sound Assure at song.fabgraphics.com

You can view more of my code on My Github Profile